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Fehler in Statistik zu Taliban-Angriffen

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 27 February 2013 After Germany, now also ISAF was forced to admit that its statistics about Taleban attacks was flawed (and has resulted in wrong, positive conclusions). AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted as commenting here that statistics that only compare trends within one year (as the German government does) ‘obscure the long-term negative […]

Afghan leader orders US special forces out of province

AFP, 25 February 2013. AFP quotes Martine van Bijlert on yesterday’s NSC order that US Special Forces leave Wardak within two weeks: “It appears to be an on-the-spot, emotional decision, based on a long-standing frustration that there are forces, Afghan and international, that are uncontrollable… It does not appear to be a calculated move as […]

Afghanistan: Die Zahl der Opfer ist geringer, die Gewalt nimmt zu?

Stimme Russlands (Russian radio), 20 January 2013 Quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig on the latest UNAMA protection of civilian report as saying that ‘it is positive without any doubt when the number of killed civilian in a war goes down’ but that there are still mixed trends; adds that an intensification of Taleban assassinations of GoA […]

Exodus aus Afghanistan

Das Blättchen (Berlin), 18 February 2013 Based on Afghan media reports, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig looks at increasing numbers of Afghans fleeing the country in anticipation of post-2014 events: from diplomats to military officers and the common people, ending up as asylum seekers worldwide for this Berlin-based online magazine (in German).

More civilian deaths as US prepares for Afghan withdrawal

ABC, 14 February 2013. Kate Clark is quoted here on the latest Obama drawdown and victory speech: ‘They are spinning a narrative of victory. They are spinning a narrative that the insurgency is weakened, the Afghan national security forces are strong enough to take on the fight against the Taliban. But they are pulling out […]

Kabul räumt erstmals Folter ein

Tageszeitung (Berlin), 11 February 2013. After the Karzai government’s enquiry confirmed an UN report about torture in Afghan jails, AAN’s Kate Clark comments: ‘I am glad that the UN report was confirmed. The problem is simply to big for a denial. Now it is important to draw the consequences.’.

Eerste vredestekenen in Afghanistan (not online)

NRC Handelsblad, 11 February 2013. In an article about the chances of a political deal with the Taleban, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted: Het meest waarschijnlijke is dat alle partijen, al pratend, gewoon doorvechten. Een snelle, soepele vredesregeling is nog ver weg. Maar uitgesloten acht Thomas Ruttig, verbonden aan de denktank Afghan Analysts Network, vrede […]

Afghanistan, Pakistan Seek A Fatwa Against Suicide Attacks

NPR, 9 February 2013 Looking at Afghan-Pakistani governmental attempts to mobilise Islamic scholars against insurgent suicide attacks, AAN’s Borhan Osman is quoted as saying here: ‘The Afghan government has been trying since long to mobilize the ulema against some tactics that the Taliban use’. He adds that while the Afghan and Pakistani governments agreed to […]

Karzai presses for fatwa on suicide attacks

The Long War Journal, 7 February 2013 In a summarising report on efforts to convene an Afghan-Pakistani ulama conference, the author extensively refers to an ‘in-depth report by the Afghan Analysts’ Network [sic], the delays and setbacks in getting the conference off the drawing board are due to conflicts between Afghanistan and Pakistan over the […]

UN: Afghanistan Bribes Totaled Nearly $4 Billion

Voice of America, 7 February 2013 Looking into the latest UNODC report on patterns of corruption in Afghanistan, the article quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig on the two sides of the phenomenon: the incentives coming from the West and the takers who are mainly Afghan: ‘There is so much money pouring in with insufficient oversight that […]

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