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AAN In The Media – April 2011

Afghan military pilot kills 9 Americans in Kabul Los Angeles Times, 28 April 2011 AAN’s Martine van Bijlert comments that such attacks are part of a Taliban strategy to undermine the Afghan population’s faith in NATO troops and their own security forces as the U.S. prepares to begin drawing down its forces this summer: “The […]

AAN In The Media – March 2011

Western aid lines Taliban pockets in Afghanistan AFP, 31 March 2011 ‘Thomas Ruttig of the Afghan[istan] Analysts Network, a Kabul think tank, believes Western aid money is now one of the insurgents’ main sources of income. …The militarisation and privatisation of aid prevent the development of Afghan institutions. It is aimed at fighting the insurgency […]

AAN In The Media – February 2011

Afghan parliament elects ex-warlord as speaker Reuters, 27 February 2011 AAN’s Fabrizio Foschini comments on the election of the Parliamentary speaker, saying that although his election resolves the most immediate impasse, parliament continues to face “internal problems and external manipulation,” Taliban in PR Scramble After Attacks  Wall Street Journal, 26 February 2011 Article quotes AAN’s […]

AAN In The Media – January 2011

Karzai’s Governing Strategy: A Threat to ISAF COIN Implementation Small Wars Journal, 31 January 2011 Article by James Sisco quotes several AAN blogs, including: As noted Afghanistan scholar Martine van Bijlert writes, In many ways, the list is a reiteration of the myths of the jehad, honouring those who made the emergence of the Taleban […]

AAN In The Media – December 2010

Taliban making inroads in Northern Afghanistan The Washington Examiner, 30 December 2010 Article quotes heavily from AAN’s 2010 report ‘The Northern Front’. La lunga ritirata afgana dell’America Aspenia Online, 23 December 2010 An international analysis website quotes (in Italian) AAN’s Kate Clark comments on the US false assumption of progress in Afghanistan Obama’s Review Upgrades […]

AAN In The Media – November 2010

Afghan officials free top Taliban fighters Reuters, 30 November 2010 Afghan security forces and hig-ranking officials, including President Karzai, are freeing captured senior Taliban for payment or political motives, states this article. Reuters gives the case of GHulam Haidar, a leading insurgent commander from Kandahar. AAN’s Kate Clark adds that some Taleban are freed legally […]

The War with the Taliban

New York Review of Books, 28 October 2010 In his review of Thomas Barfield’s Afghanistan: A Cultural and Political History, Christopher Bellaigue twice quotes the AAN: One time, when talking about President Karzai’s government’s development of what Barfield calls a “patrimonial” model of government: Corruption is now so bad, says Martine van Bijlert, a former Dutch […]

AAN In The Media – October 2010

Ett fuskval ‘bra nog åt afghaner’ (Bogus elections good enough for Afghans) Fredskoalitionen, 31 October 2010 Valövervakare Martine van Bijlert från ‘Afghanistan Analysts Network’ beskrev den Oberoende Valkommissionens attityd på detta sätt: ”Om man vill veta var de övriga rösterna kommer ifrån, har de olagligt lagts till de ogiltiga, så nu har de avlägsnats, och […]

AAN In The Media – September 2010

Afghanistan opium crop blight sends drug prices soaring Christian Science Monitor, 30 Sept. 2010 In article on Afghanistan’s expected decline of the poppy harvest, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted on the expected impact it might have on the Taleban: ‘The poppy income is not the single, major income or revenue source for the Taliban. It’s […]

AAN In The Media – August 2010

Afghan Police’s Lack of Guns and Gas Shows U.S. Exit Plan Flaw Bloomberg, 31 August 2010 Baghlan’s police suffer unstable leadership because of power struggles among ethnic Pashtun and Tajik clans that have seen 10 provincial governors and numerous police chiefs appointed in nine years, said Fabrizio Foschini of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, a research […]

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