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U.S. Historian Nancy Dupree Dies, Aged 89

AFP/Newsweek Pakistan and Express Tribune, 11 September 2017 AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted in this obituary for renowned Afghanistan scholar Nancy Dupree: “She was passionate about education and sharing knowledge and making sure Afghans had access to the records of their own history,” said Kate Clark of the Afghanistan Analysts Network. Express Tribune article here.

Life of Afghans, under fire and fury

The Hindu, 10 September 2017 Also with a look at the US air war under Trump’s new strategy, the Indian daily quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig: However, with the increasing number of civilian casualties, the approach to the Afghan war is being reviewed with a critical eye and deep concerns. “The rules of engagement have been […]

Wahlkampf mit Afghanistan: Plant de Maizière neue Sammelabschiebungen?

n-tv, 7 September 2017 Against the backdrop of new, planned German deportation flight with rejected Afghan asylum seekers, the private German TV station (on its website) refers to AAN’s Thomas Ruttig’s German blog Afghanistan Zhaghdablai with its regularly updated data on this and other Afghanistan-related issues: Der Afghanistan-Experte Thomas Ruttig hat auf seinem Blog die […]

Taliban Carries Out ‘Revenge’ Attack on US-Afghan Airbase Over Leaflet

Voice of America, 6 September 2017 A tweet of AAN’s Borhan Osman is quoted in this article about US military spreading an anti-Taleban leaflet in Afghanistan that is seen as offensive to Muslims in general: Borhan Osman, a researcher at the Kabul-based Afghanistan Analysts Network, noted that rage is building against the NATO-led Resolute Support, […]

„Die Lage in Afghanistan ist zum Steinerweichen“

Stuttgarter Zeitung, 6 September 2017 The Stuttgart-based daily’s long interview with AAN’s Thomas Ruttig (in German) on the current situation in Afghanistan, on Trump’s Afghanistan strategy, recent reports of Kabul government-Taleban contacts and more.

Afghan civilians count cost of renewed US air campaign

The Guardian, 4 September 2017 The Guardian, exploring he question what impact an intensified US air campaign under Trump in Afghanistan will have on the population, among other quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig: “If civilian casualties continue rising, sooner or later at least sections of the population will not be happy about the government not being […]

I due psicologi delle torture Cia

Il Manifesto, 2 September 2017 The Italian left-wing daily covers Kate Clark’s report for AAN about the two CIA contractors who developed the torture programme used in Afghanistan and a court verdict now opening the chance for compensation for victims and their families (in Italian, behind pay wall).

Warlordismus in Afghanistan (u.v.m.)

Aufwachen! (blog), 26 August 2017 More than 1 hour of podcast with AAN’s Thomas Ruttig, about the roots, the development and the current situation of the Afghn conflict(s) (in German).

The void in Trump’s Afghanistan strategy

Daily Times, 26 August 2017 Op-ed by AA’s Thomas Ruttig in the Pakistani daily, looking at Donald Trump’s refusal to do state building in Afghanistan as a major void in his Afghanistan strategy, given Afghanistan’s weak, superficial democratic institutions. He concludes: A country as ethnically, religiously, politically and socially diverse as Afghanistan needs reliable institutions […]

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