In Afghanistan, signs of crony capitalism

The Washington Post, 22 February 2010 Kabul Bank provides members of the Karzai family and his entourage with special deals and campaign support, moving money in unconventional ways.

Afghanistan’s outsourced war

Le Monde diplomatique, 9 February 2010 Marie-Dominique Charlier, a PolAd to the ISAF commander in 2008, describes the growing ability of private military companies ‘to influence military decisions on operational matters’ of ISAF in Afghanistan

The master of Spin Boldak

Harper’s Magazine, December 2009 Matthieu Aikins’ undercover reportage ‘with Afghanistan’s drug-trafficking border police’ commander Abdul Raziq – an exemplaric story

The Predator War

The New Yorker, 26 October 2009 Jane Mayer’s hair-raising account of the risks of ‘the “push-button” approach to fighting Al Qaeda’. She gives the figures of people killed during the 41 drone strikes since President Obama’s inauguration (between 326 and 538, ‘many bystanders’), explores the psyche of those remote-operating the drones and the role of […]

The Last Mission

The New Yorker, 28 September 2009 George Packer’s portrait of Mr AfPak (alias Richard Holbrooke) is much more than a portrait