How an Afghan refugee’s path to freedom took another twist in France

The Globe and Mail, 17 February 2017 The Canadian daily tells the story of a young Afghan from Takhar who dreams about Canada – and describes his long winding odyssey through Europe: Turkey-Greece-Croatia-Switzerland-Croatia-France…, all documented by his photos and facebook posts

The art of the deal in Afghanistan

New York Times, 1 February 2017 Very good analysis and a couple of tough questions by Barnett Rubin on the complex issues that the new US administration will face when dealing with Afghanistan, for example: sending more troops and putting stronger pressure on Pakistan – “there is no base for believing that either of these measures […]

Around the World in Trump Tweets: Afghanistan

RFE/RL, 26 January 2017 The Gandhara blog of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty has done good research: all (at least many) past tweets by the new US president by country. Click Afghanistan.

How Peace Between Afghanistan and the Taliban Foundered [and Norway’s peace diplomacy]

The New York Times, 26 December 2016 Mujib Mashal has located the Norwegian diplomat, a former missionary in Pakistan, who told him how he built relations of trust to Pakistani and Afghan clerics, among them Taleban, and opened up a channel for Norway’s peace diplomacy that attempted to bring about direct Kabul-Taleban talks and peace […]

Paktika Girls Deprived Of An Education

Tolonews, 18 November 2016 An eye-opening report about the real picture of girls education in Afghanistan: While the provincial authorities of Paktika admit that not a single girl has finished class 12 since 2001, they promise tht the first ones will do so this year. But civil society activists doubt even this: “We could not find […]

Scenes from Ashton Carter’s trip to Afghanistan

The Economist, 9 December 2016 The weekly’s columnist “Lexington” has accompanied outgoing US secretary of defence Ashton Carter on his last journey to South Asia, including Afghanistan. An extremely interesting read. For example here: For any reporter who visited Afghanistan at the height of the war, it is startling to hear how America’s objectives have […]

Study Finds Hindus, Sikhs Have No Place In Afghan Legal System ‎

Tolo News, 19 November 2016 A study by Kabul-based Pursesh Study and Research Organization shows that Hindus living in Afghanistan have been discriminated against and that their rights are not entrenched in the country’s constitution. According to the study, the Hindus’ rights are being violated in a number of ways including that regarding the confiscation of their […]