Insiders aided Kabul hospital attack, survivors say

AFP, 12 March 2017 This AFP story about the attack on Kabul’s military Sardar Daud Khan hospital, claimed by Daesh, picks up reports about inside support for the assailants – and on growing doubt that it was really the IS, namely on “indications that the (Taliban-allied) Haqqani network was behind it.”

Afghan capital plagued by kidnapping and extortion of locals

AFP/The National, 10 March 2017 Underreported, underrated – a phenomenon that undermines the security of Kabulis probably as much as terrorism. One shortcoming: the too short sentence about the political connections and protection of the abduction syndicates: The government’s inability to curb kidnappings has led many like Mr Ghulam to suspect that some criminals are […]

How an Afghan refugee’s path to freedom took another twist in France

The Globe and Mail, 17 February 2017 The Canadian daily tells the story of a young Afghan from Takhar who dreams about Canada – and describes his long winding odyssey through Europe: Turkey-Greece-Croatia-Switzerland-Croatia-France…, all documented by his photos and facebook posts

The art of the deal in Afghanistan

New York Times, 1 February 2017 Very good analysis and a couple of tough questions by Barnett Rubin on the complex issues that the new US administration will face when dealing with Afghanistan, for example: sending more troops and putting stronger pressure on Pakistan – “there is no base for believing that either of these measures […]

Around the World in Trump Tweets: Afghanistan

RFE/RL, 26 January 2017 The Gandhara blog of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty has done good research: all (at least many) past tweets by the new US president by country. Click Afghanistan.

How Peace Between Afghanistan and the Taliban Foundered [and Norway’s peace diplomacy]

The New York Times, 26 December 2016 Mujib Mashal has located the Norwegian diplomat, a former missionary in Pakistan, who told him how he built relations of trust to Pakistani and Afghan clerics, among them Taleban, and opened up a channel for Norway’s peace diplomacy that attempted to bring about direct Kabul-Taleban talks and peace […]