Schöngerechnete Gefahren

Tageszeitung, 23 January 2918 Read a comment by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig (in German) about the connection between the latest Taleban attack on a Kabul hotel and today’s deportation of rejected Afghan asylum seekers from Germany in the Berlin-based daily.

Hoffnung auf einen neuen Friedensprozess in Afghanistan

Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 18 January 2018 The leading Swiss daily reports that “a peace process for Afghanistan has recently come stronger into the discussion again.” The article quotes AAN’s Obaid Ali who agrees that some new dynamism was existing, but warned against too much optimism, particularly about the recent Istanbul talks. Obaid Ali von der […]

Nangarhar is the deadliest Afghan province for US forces in the past year

Stars and Stripes, 8 January 2018 The Us daily quotes former AAN colleague Borhan Osman (still in his AAN capacity, it seems from earlier analysis) on ISKP in Nangrahar: The group has established a command base in the Mamand and Peka valleys of Achin district, according to Borhan Osman, a researcher with the Afghan Analysts […]

How Canadians are planting seeds of hope for girls in Afghanistan

The Toronto Star, 5 January 2017 In this long piece, AAN’s Obaid Ali is quoted on the general security situation in Afghanistan: “The Taliban is very active; still able to pose a serious threat to government forces,” says Obaid Ali, head [sic] of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, a think-tank in Kabul. “They place themselves in […]

The King of North vs. the President

The Hindu, 30 December 2017 A short quote of AAN’s Thomas Ruttig in this article about the fall-out between the Afghan government and Balkh governor Atta: The timing of the fallout with Mr. Noor as well as within the Jamiat party is crucial. “This could be part of a strategy for for the 2019 presidential […]

Angst vor Abschiebung

Niederösterreichische Nachrichten 51/17, 29 December 2017 The Austrian local newspaper carries an article about a young gay Afghan who fears to be deported to Afghanistan. AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted in the article, saying there is no guarantee the Afghan state will be able to protect the man if deported, and that one could also […]

Zeugnis mit Kratzern

Wiener Zeitung, 28 December 2017 The Vienna newspaper reports about Afghanistan’s education system in 2017. The author quotes from AAN’s dispatch on corruption in the school system: Für die Kabuler Denkfabrik “Afghanistan Analysts Network” ist der Bericht die “klarste und schonungsloseste Korruptionsbeurteilung in Afghanistans Bildungssektor bisher”.

Taliban Strategy In Afghanistan: 2017 And Beyond

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 24 December 2017 In this look at the Afghan Taleban’s strategy, there is a link to AAN’s recent paper on Taleban ideology by Anand Gopal and Alex Strick van Linschoten in the discussion “who they are”: While they are sometimes labeled nationalists, the Taliban are keen to brandish their Islamist credentials […]

Ist Afghanistan das nächste Schlachtfeld des IS?, 23 December 2017 The news page of the German email provider published a summary on the IS activities in Afghanistan, based on interviews with AAN’s Thomas Ruttig and with Nicole Birtsch, of the Berlin-based think-tank SWP.