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zero option

“Ohne US-Truppen ist Afghanistan pleite”


SRF4 (Swiss Radio), 27 February 2014 The US are increasing their pressure on Afghanistan: President Obama, when calling his Afghan colleague Karzai, threatened to withdraw all troops if Kabul does not sign the BSA. Listen to the audio (in German) of an interview with AAN's Thomas Ruttig explaining that a 'zero option' could mean the loss of significant […]

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When NATO leaves Afghanistan

AAN Team

IPS/Asia Times online, 19 December 2014 “Afghanistan’s 30 million people are deeply divided over whether President Hamid Karzai should sign the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) with Washington”, writes Guiliano Battiston – although the headline is wrong: NATO is attempting to have a new military mission in Afghanistan after 2014. He quotes AAN’s Kate Clark in […]

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Afghan president softens some demands on US deal

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AP/Washington Post, 27 November 2013 AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted on Kabul’s perception of the ‘zero option’: “‘He doesn’t believe in the zero option and so the threat of complete US withdrawal is for him an empty threat. So he feels quite comfortable pushing the US for more,’ said Kate Clark, a senior analyst with the Afghanistan […]

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