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An Afghan women voter after casting her vote at polling centre in Daikundi. Photo: Ehsan Qaane, 2018.

The 2018 Election Observed (7) in Daikundi: The outstanding role of women

Ehsan Qaane

Like other provinces, the 2018 parliamentary election in Daikundi faced some technical, logistical and security challenges, but compared to other places these problems were limited. As a result, both the process and the outcome of the election have been largely uncontested. Women participation, both during voter registration and polling, was high: more women registered and […]

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Elections 2014 (30): Some initial reflections on E-Day II

Thomas Ruttig

The counting of second round votes from the presidential elections is still under way in much of Afghanistan, although results are now trickling in from some polling stations. Meanwhile, everyone is trying to assess how well the second round went: the impact of security incidents, level of fraud and, especially importantly, how big the turnout […]

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Elections 2014 (29): The second round election day in snapshots from the provinces

AAN Team

How did the second round election day go? After our collection of voices from the provinces on the day before the vote (read here) as well as on the first round election day (see here), we continued to listen to our Afghan friends, analysts and acquaintances across the country. We asked them if they had been as eager to vote as […]

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Elections 2014 (27): Snapshots from the provinces before the second round vote

AAN Team

How do Afghans feel about the second round of the presidential election ahead tomorrow, Saturday, 14 June? How do they perceive the security situation, the campaigning of the two contenders, the election authorities’ performance – and are they still as ready to go and cast a vote as many of them were in the first round? Like […]

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Elections 2014 (25): Election mobilisation of women in the Pashtun southeast

Pakteen Ibrahimi Thomas Ruttig

For the second round of the presidential election on 14 June 2014, some of the major tribes in Paktia have decided their women should also participate more actively, allowing them to cast their votes themselves. Women turnout in Pashtun-inhabited areas is usually below average, which is increasingly being perceived as a disadvantage by candidates relying […]

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Elections 2014 (15): Hazaras overturning all expectations

Qayoom Suroush

Before the elections, no-one had expected Abdullah Abdullah to win the Hazarajat’s votes, especially by such a large margin. His strong showing here – and that of his vice president, Mohammad Mohaqeq – could have consequences for the presidential election as a whole; the Hazaras, as one of the largest minorities in the country, could play […]

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Karzais Wahlpoker


Frankfurter Allgemeine, 3 April 2014 FAZ's Friederike Böge quotes AAN's Martine van Bijlert on the reliability of Afghan pre-election polls: „Wähler stimmen nicht unbedingt so ab, wie sie es in Umfragen gesagt haben. Und das Wahlergebnis ist auch nicht so, wie gewählt wurde“, sagt Martine van Bijlert, Ko-Direktorin des Analyseinstituts Afghanistan Analysts Network in Kabul. [Voters […]

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