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Covid-19 in Afghanistan (9): Into the third wave

Thomas Ruttig Rohullah Sorush

Afghanistan has entered the third wave of the Coronavirus pandemic amid an unprecedented rise in confirmed cases. Doctors in various provinces detected signs of the impending new wave soon after the start of the Afghan new year (21 March), but the government only imposed contact restrictions on 28 May and enlisted religious scholars to urge […]

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Why does the Incidence of Polio Vary? A comparative study of two districts in Helmand (Part 2)

Fazl Rahman Muzhary

In this second of two case studies exploring why polio vaccination varies between apparently quite similar districts in Afghanistan, we look at two neighbouring district in Helmand province, Nawa, with its rare incidences of polio since 2001, and Nad Ali, which has seen one of the highest numbers of polio cases in the country. A […]

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Polio’s last stand on the Afghan-Pakistan border


Express Tribune/AFP, 7 March 2014 Important reminder in election times: about one of the many unresolved problems that is even aggravated by the ongoing conflict – polio. Afghanistan and Pakistan are two of the worldwide only three countries where it is still endemic, and with conflict-related incomplete coverage by vaccination, new polio cases have emerged […]

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