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US troops

External paper: “Taliban Views on a Future State”


Few if any Taleban leaders say they want to re-establish the Islamic Emirate or revive the policies that drew the world’s opprobrium upon them when they controlled the Afghan state in the 1990s. That is the conclusion drawn in this report jointly written by Borhan Osman of the Afghanistan Analysts Network and Anand Gopal, author […]

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‘Gaming’ Obama on Afghan War


Consortium News, 10 January 2014 A quick reaction by investigativ journalist Garteh Porter on former US defence secretary Robert Gates' upcoming book (print version to be out on 14 January), putting some of Gates' – probably not fully impartial – statements, and some telling omissions, in context.

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Afghanistan After America: Series Introduction

Thomas Ruttig

World Politics Review, 8 January 2014 WPR introduces a seven-part series “examining conditions in the last year of U.S. military operations there” (at least, under ISAF) and quotes and links to AAN’s Thomas Ruttig’s year-ender on AAN. “The Pentagon has assessed that ANSF casualties were up 62 percent in 2013 over the same period in 2012. Afghan civilian […]

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