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Pakistan: Der ferngesteuerte Krisenstaat

AAN Team

Wochenzeitung (Zurich), 7 November 2013 A guest article (in German) by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig, looking at the implications of the killing, by a drone attack, of Pakistani Taleban Hakimullah Mehsud, on Pakistan’s internal situation in which Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif desperately needs internal stability if he wants to tackle the complex socio-economic and institutional crises […]

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The A-Team Killings [in Wardak]


The Rolling Stone, 6 November 2013 A must-read: Matt Aikins' latest scoop on killings of civilians by US special forces in Wardak province, in a district from which Karzai later forced US troops to withdraw. Matt has found evidence on 18 cases of such killings.

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Progress with a catch in Afghanistan troop negotiations

AAN Team

Stars and Stripes
, 13 
October 2013 AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted in this article about the Afghan-US negotations over an bilateral security agreement: “’He’s in an unenviable position,’ said Kate Clark, an analyst with the Kabul-based Afghanistan Analysts Network, referring to Karzai. ‘He’s the leader of a nation which is very reliant on foreign aid, both budgetary and […]

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How Much Has Really Changed at America’s ‘Black Prison’?

AAN aaneditor

Foreign Policy, 26 July 2013 Foreign Policy reports on AAN’s latest dispatch on Bagram detention centre, describing how AAN has found that the US military continue to hold and interrogate Afghan detainees in Afghanistan, including at the notorious ‘Black Prison’ on Bagram Airbase, and continue to practice sleep deprivation. The author, Elias Groll, asks how […]

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The Kandahar Killing: With friends like this… (amended)

Thomas Ruttig

After the killing of 16 Afghan civilians by a US soldier in Kandahar province, Western military and political officials have – duly – apologised again but also called the incident ‘rogue’, a ‘first time’ or a ‘completely out-of-the-ordinary’ event. Thomas Ruttig, a Senior Analyst at AAN, wonders whether this is the case or whether it […]

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