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Elections 2014 (12): The Taleban rant and take a harder line on peace

Borhan Osman

As well as launching armed attacks on election day, the Taleban also tried to disrupt the elections with a ‘public relations’ campaign against the legitimacy of the vote. Like many others, they also appear to have been thrown off kilter by the large turnout. Their response has been characterised by incoherence and distress, with Taleban statements […]

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Aufnahme von afghanischen Helfern: Gnade vor Asylrecht

AAN Team

Die Tageszeitung, 29 October 2013 Article by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig about the latest turn in the German government’s attitude vis-a-vis local Afghan employees of the Bundeswehr and other German institutions who feel threatened and are applying for asylum. He says the the new regulation increases the numbers of Afghan who can enter Germany without an […]

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Talebs in Tajikistan? Part 2 on the alleged IMU-Taleban nexus

Thomas Ruttig

If one listens to ISAF and to Central Asian governments, there are overlapping networks of jihadist terrorists subverting Afghanistan and Tajikistan, if not the whole region. Few of these reports are substantiated by details that can be independently scrutinised. But they are often picked up by media and other outlets, presented as proven facts and […]

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