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Talks with the Taleban, Again: This time for real?

Thomas Ruttig

Over the past weeks, Kabul buzzed with rumours that talks with the Taleban would begin soon, specifically, in the first week of March. That particular week is now past and nothing has happened. But this does not mean that rumours were completely false or that no movement is being made towards new talks with the […]

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Taliban ramp up attacks to discredit Afghanistan’s upcoming election


AFP/Japan Times, 31 March 2014 In an article looking at the pre-election wave of violence in Kabul, AAN's Thomas Ruttig is quoted: Thomas Ruttig of the Afghan [sic] Analysts’ Network said that after the efforts at peace talks in recent years with the Kabul government and its Western allies produced no results, “Taliban are drifting […]

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Analysts: Talks between Kabul, Taliban hurt relations with US, others


Stars and Stripes, 4 February 2014 AAN's Thomas Ruttig is among the three analysts quoted in this article, the others being Michael Keating of Chatham House and Graeme Smith of ICG. Thomas is quoted as saying: “Karzai has been treated like the leader of a colonialized country for many years. So some of his frustration […]

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