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Elections (31): Afghanistan’s confusing election maths

Thomas Ruttig

Only hours after polling centres had closed on the evening of the second round of voting in the Afghan presidential election, the country’s Independent Election Commission (IEC) was already giving the first turnout figures. They were high. Some media broadcast them without question; other outlets were more sceptical, citing anecdotal evidence suggesting turnout might actually […]

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Kampf der Zahlen

AAN Team

Frankfurter Allgemeine, 15 January 2014 The German daily reports that the Bundeswehr has started giving figures about security incidents in northern Afghanistan again, and it turns out that there was drastic increase in 2013 by November (35% over all of 2012), contradicting the government’s claim that the security situation has improved there.

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I worked on the US drone program. The public should know what really goes on


Guardian Weekly, 3-9 January 2014 A commentary with a self-explanatory headline by a former imegary analysts with the US air force. She writes: "The US and British militaries insist that this is an expert program, but it's curious that they feel the need to deliver faulty information, few or no statistics about civilian deaths and twisted technology reports on the […]

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