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“Reach the Women”: The US military’s experiment of female soldiers working with Afghan women

Gary Owen

In 2009, the United States military in Afghanistan started deploying female soldiers to the field so that they could interact with Afghan women during operations and patrols. A picture of life as a member of what were called Female Engagement and Cultural Support Teams has come in a recently published book, Ashley’s War, by Gayle […]

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Afghanistan’s government split as Karzai suspends special forces chiefs


The Guardian, 21 May 2014 President Karzai “has suspended the three police special forces commanders responsible for securing the capital during crucial presidential elections, and plans to try them in a court martial for making illegal detentions and desecrating a mosque”, the British newspaper reports. “The three men have also been accused of collaborating with US […]

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Afghan special forces commando defects to insurgents taking weapons with him

AAN Team

The Telegraph, 21 October 2013 In an article about the defection of an Afghan special forces officer, an AAN analysis is quoted: Although analysts say the ANA and police have done a professional job in quelling terrorist attacks in Kabul, there are signs that Taliban threats are making it difficult to retain security forces. “The ANA […]

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