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Elections 2014 (12): The Taleban rant and take a harder line on peace

Borhan Osman

As well as launching armed attacks on election day, the Taleban also tried to disrupt the elections with a ‘public relations’ campaign against the legitimacy of the vote. Like many others, they also appear to have been thrown off kilter by the large turnout. Their response has been characterised by incoherence and distress, with Taleban statements […]

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The Peace Jirga in tweets

Wazhma Frogh

There has been some formidable twitter reporting going from inside the peace jirga tent, particularly during today’s plenary session. AAN has been following @Hairan and @WazhmaFrogh and has collected all the tweets, for the record. They are blow-by-blow accounts of the group presentations and the speeches by Rabbani, Sayyaf and President Karzai, delivered in the […]

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