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A Delicate Balance: The regional puzzle surrounding Pakistan’s decision to stay out of Yemen

Ann Wilkens Sudhansu Verma

Power relations and cooperation patterns are changing around Afghanistan. Its two most intrusive neighbours, Pakistan and Iran, are both at a stage where long-set behaviour seems to be tilting in different directions, with linkages to China (in the case of Pakistan) and the USA (in the case of Iran). At the same time, Pakistan and […]

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Iran: open for business again


Le Monde diplomatique (English version), January 2014 Very interesting Article by the head of the Farsi version of the newspaper (which is available in print only as a supplement to Seda-ye Edalat journal, 60/6 rue Sarve, Ave Vali Asr, Tehran), but this version is accessible for subscribers only. A German version can be read in full […]

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Saudi Arabia Positions Itself For Larger Afghan Role

AAN Team

RFE/RL, 6 November 2012 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is extensively quoted on Saudi Arabia’s recent efforts to play a greater role in Afghanistan. “There are very strained relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Both those countries will be competing for influence in Afghanistan, with the sectarian differences between both sides in the background,” Ruttig says. “So […]

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