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Elections 2014 (17): Journalists argue over neutrality, patriotism and the E-Day blackout

Kate Clark

A debate has opened up on the role of the media during the Afghan presidential elections and its relationship with the Afghan state. It turns out that many journalists did not report or minimised reporting of Taleban attacks on election day – for a mix of political, patriotic and editorial reasons. In the days after, […]

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Afghanistan: Sicherheitslücke

Thomas Ruttig

Tagesspiegel (Berlin, online), 7 January 2014 Reporting that the German ISAF forces had stopped reporting the number of insurgent attacks in northern Afghanistan, the Berlin-based daily asked AAN’s Thomas Ruttig for his assessment. Saying that the argument the Afghan forces were in the lead now and needed to take over the reporting sounded like a pretext. “ISAF […]

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