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Afghan refugees leave Iran for Turkey


The National (UAE), 17 February 2013 More Afghan refugees – most not directly from the country but from Iran – are arriving in Turkey, after Iranian authorities did not extend papers, in some cases to people who lived there for decades. Reportage about a group of Afghan refugees living in a basement of an Istanbul […]

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Analysis – Afghan government promises rethink on IDPs


IRIN, 8 February 2013 Another often overlooked – and growing – problem: internal displacement, with now more than 460,000 IDPs.

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Viele Afghanen kehren ihrem Land schon jetzt den Rücken

Other AAN

Tageszeitung (Berlin), 15 January 2013 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig summarises – picking up Afghan media reports- cases of Afghan diplomats, officials, journalists, sportsmen and students not returning to Afghanistan from abroad, rising numbers of Aghan asylum seekers in western countries, the Hindu and Sikh minorities’ wish to leave the country and first cases of activists fleeing […]

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The Refugees and the Christmas Tree: Afghan Asylum Seekers Protest in Berlin

Thomas Ruttig

German asylum law has been under fire from human rights campaigners for years, for what its critics call the unfair limitations imposed on refugees. Only in July this year, the German Constitutional Court threw out the German government’s current provisions for social services for refugees as ‘evidently insufficient’ and unconstitutional because they are under the […]

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Afghanistan’s displaced dread the coming winter


Los Angeles Times, 1 December 2012 An under-reported minority: ‘Afghanistan is home to 460,000 internally displaced people, Afghans who have fled war, strife or famine in other parts of the country. More than 30,000 have settled in illegal camps around Kabul in search of jobs and shelter

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