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Deciding To Leave Afghanistan (1): Motives for migration

Lenny Linke

AAN has done a series of twelve in-depth interviews with families of Afghans who recently travelled to Europe. The conversations provided a fascinating insight into the practicalities of both the decision making processes and the journey, the complex interplay between economic and security considerations and the mixed feelings families often have once their loved ones […]

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Kabul graffiti. Photo: Thomas Ruttig.

“We Knew They Had No Future in Kabul”: Why and How Afghan Families Decide to Leave

AAN Team

The increasing number of refugees and migrants arriving across Europe has led to heated debates and an increased political polarisation between pro and anti-refugee movements and parties. Afghans are now the second largest group entering the European Union. A recent study by AAN and FES explores the reasons behind Afghanistan’s increased migration, by focusing on […]

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Nangarhar, 2008: Waiting in line for drinking water: people returning from Jalozai and Naser Bagh camps in Pakistan have found it difficult to find clean water in some of the places they have settled. (Photo Credit: Pajhwok)

Afghanistan’s Returning Refugees: Why are so many still landless?

Jelena Bjelica

More than 5.8 million Afghans, about 20 per cent of Afghanistan’s population, are refugees who have returned home since the fall of the Taleban according to UNHCR figures. Many found their houses destroyed or occupied, or discovered that a new set of laws had scrapped their tenancy rights. The government plan for distributing land to […]

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Member of AAN’s advisory board Ann Wilkens on the Afghan minors seeking asylum in Sweden – March, 2016

AAN Guests

Ambassador Ann Wilkens, member of AAN’s advisory board and the former Swedish Ambassador to Afghanistan and Pakistan discusses the case of Afghan minors seeking asylum in Sweden. Note: In the first answer if the figures are not very audible. She said that around 15 percent of the Swedish population is born outside Sweden.  

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Screenshot of a Svenska Dagbladet newspaper article picture: "Refugees from Afghanistan coming ashore on Lesbos in Greece..." (Photo Credit: YANNIS BEHRAKIS / Reuters)

An Afghan Exodus (2): Unaccompanied minors in Sweden

Ann Wilkens

The increased refugee influx into Europe is testing cooperation within the European Union, has led to attempts to close borders and is affecting domestic politics. AAN advisory board member Ann Wilkens looks at the Swedish example. Sweden has seen more asylum seekers per head of population than any other European country and liberal asylum policies […]

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At Europe's edge: exhausted refugees in a Serbian field. Photo: Refugee Aid Serbia.

An “Afghan Exodus” (1): Facts, figures, trends

Thomas Ruttig

The on-going “exodus” of Afghans – now the second largest group entering the EU – has contributed to the increasing refugee numbers across Europe. This, in turn, has led to heated debates and an increased political polarisation between pro- and anti-refugee movements and parties. As governments and citizens struggle to handle the influx of refugees, […]

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The Refugee Dilemma: Afghans in Pakistan between expulsion and failing aid schemes

Christine Roehrs

Nearly 52,000 Afghans living in Pakistan have, within the past ten weeks, packed their belongings and crossed the border back into Afghanistan – more than twice as many as in the whole 12 months of 2014. This started after an attack of Pakistani Taleban on a public army school in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, on […]

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From Kabul to Calais


BBC, 28 May 2014 About 200 Afghans are among almost 1,000 migrants living in squalid conditions in the French port city of Calais, just across the English Channel from Britain. Among them was the man who grabbed the headlines this month when he set sail on an improvised raft to try and get to the UK, […]

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Afghan man on childhood Channel Tunnel escape


BBC, 7 February 2014 An Afghan man describes how he smuggled himself into Britain through the Channel Tunnel aged 14 after Taleban invaded his village and killed many members of his family. Watch a video here.

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Afghans set up Belgian protest camp in Mons


BBC, 23 December 2013 Hundreds of Afghan asylum seekers have set up a protest camp in the Belgian town of Mons, demanding to meet Prime Minister Elio di Rupo to discuss their demands to be granted residency and a guarantee that none of them will be expelled.  

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Afghans Flee Homes as U.S. Pulls Back


Wall Street Journal, 15 October 2013 Margherita Stancati and Rachel Pannett cover the story of displacement in Afghanistan and escape from the country from two geographical angles: covering the story of people forced to flee from Wardak, one of the insurgency's hot spots, to Kabul and from the in the direction of Australia, but with […]

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Exodus aus Afghanistan

Other AAN

Das Blättchen (Berlin), 18 February 2013 Based on Afghan media reports, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig looks at increasing numbers of Afghans fleeing the country in anticipation of post-2014 events: from diplomats to military officers and the common people, ending up as asylum seekers worldwide for this Berlin-based online magazine (in German).

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