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Afghanistan Elections Conundrum (20): Women candidates going against the grain

Jelena Bjelica Rohullah Sorush

On 20 October, more than 400 female candidates will compete for the 68 parliamentary seats reserved for women. Many more women – there are over three million registered female voters – will cast their votes on Saturday, in an attempt to have their say on who represents them in the lower house of the parliament. […]

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Nicht ganz unabhängige Kommission: Afghanistan bereitet Wahlen vor

Thomas Ruttig

Tageszeitung, 31 July 2013 In this article for the Berlin daily (in German), AAN’s Thomas Ruttig analyses the appointment of the nine new members of Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission, saying that it has ‘a professional varnish’ but that, finally, “the interests of networks close to ‘the Palace’ have gained the upper hand’ in its ranks. […]

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