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Qayyum Karzai

Endspurt im afghanischen Wahlkampf


Deutsche Welle, 11 March 2014 In a look at the Afghan pre-election constellation after the Qayyum Karzai campaign joined that of Zalmai Rassul, AAN's Thomas Ruttig is quoted extensively, along other experts: On Dr Abdullah's capacity of mobilisarion: "Abdullahs political camp is dominated by a relatively large number of persons who all have claims for leadership […]

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Five Afghan soldiers killed in NATO airstrike


Arab News, 7 March 2014 In an article also covering the positioning of candidates for the presidentail elections, particularly the joining hands of the qayyum karzai and zalmai rassul campaigns, AAN's Kate Clark is quoted: “I do see this as a sign that Rassoul is Karzai’s preferred choice,” Kate Clark, of the Afghan [sic] Analysts Network, […]

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‘Pen’ Joins ‘Radio’: Qayyum Karzai gives his support to Zalmai Rassul

Kate Clark Thomas Ruttig

Qayyum Karzai has announced he will be supporting the campaign of former foreign minister and national security advisor, Zalmai Rassul, in a “unification” of their presidential campaigns. This has given a significant boost to Rassul’s bid for Afghanistan’s highest office, by removing one of the two men considered to be a possible Palace choice. Indeed, […]

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Rassoul boosted as Karzai’s brother exits Afghan election


AFP/Express Tribune, 6 March 2014 Reporting the merger of the presidential campaigns of Zalmai Rassul and Qayyum Karzai, in favour of the former, the news agency quotes AAN's Kate Clark as saying: “I do see this as a sign that Rassoul is Karzai’s preferred choice,” Kate Clark, of the Afghan [sic] Analysts Network, told AFP. […]

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A Joint ‘Durrani’ Candidate for President? After the Unity Jirga in Kabul

Thomas Ruttig

Tribal elders from most areas of the country came together in an attempt to reduce the field of Pashtun, and among them the Durrani, candidates. The jirga ended in a duel between the two main contenders, both of them close to the president. The meeting remained open to interpretation, after an initial vote apparently met the […]

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Rallies, Debate, Rain and Snow: The 2014 presidential election campaign starts

Kate Clark

The Afghan presidential election campaign has kicked off – two months before polling day. Candidates are showing a range of attitudes, from launching big, brash public rallies to a rather desultory ‘we start tomorrow’ attitude. With no evident frontrunner, it seems the campaign will involve a real attempt to win over voters and will be […]

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