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Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory: How ISAF infighting helped doom Sangin to its ongoing violence

Julius Cavendish

Sangin district in Helmand has again, this year, seen heavy fighting, this time between the Afghan National Security Forces and the Taleban. With dozens killed and thousands displaced following an insurgent assault involving hundreds of fighters, the Taleban leadership is once again showing how much it values this strategic crossroads and poppy-producing hub. Guest author […]

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Kundus nach Abzug der Bundeswehr: Deutschland stärkte die Warlords

AAN Team

Tageszeitung (Berlin), 12 November 2013 The Berlin-based daily reviews AAN’s report of today, Philipp Münch’s “Local Afghan Power Structures and the International Military Intervention”, what it calls “the first analysis after the withdrawal of the Bundeswehr troops” from the Afghan northeast. Germany has tried to stay neutral, author Sven Hansen concludes about the “sobering study”, which […]

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The Survival of the Private Security Companies

Martine van Bijlert

“As we move towards the transition process, all foreign parallel functions and institutions including private security firms, the PRTs, existence of the militias, detention of Afghan citizens by foreign forces and arbitrary house searches must stop immediately.” – Karzai’s speech on 23 March 2011, announcing the first phase of the Enteqal process. There are a […]

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Political Theatre around PRTs

Barbara Stapleton

President Hamed Karzai wants to close down the PRTs and some other unspecified ‘unnecessary international institutions’ the presence of which he sees as ‘major barriers against our efforts for state building'(*). This is what he said when opening the newly elected Afghan parliament on 26 January. He repeated this at his 6 February speech at […]

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