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The Stagnation of Afghanistan’s State Institutions: Case studies of the Supreme Court, Senate, provincial councils and the constitutional oversight commission

Ali Yawar Adili Rohullah Sorush Sayed Asadullah Sadat

This report looks at the legal framework, status and trajectory of four important state institutions, both elected and appointed: the Supreme Court, Senate, provincial councils and the Independent Commission for Overseeing the Implementation of the Constitution (ICOIC). According to the Afghan constitution, these institutions should play significant roles in providing checks and balances, accountability, representation […]

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A Half-Solution: Provincial Councils get oversight authority back – for the time being

Ehsan Qaane Thomas Ruttig

Instead of being resolved, the long power struggle between parliament and the Provincial Councils (PC) about how much and what kind of authority the councils would have has entered a new round in 2015 – with no end in sight. In 2014, under the previous president, a new law was designed to solve this issue. […]

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Handing Over Alive: Whither Afghanistan’s political transition?

Thomas Ruttig

When President Hamed Karzai left office after the completion of his two constitutional terms and handed over to President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani, as he now officially prefers to be called, this was widely called the ‘first peaceful political transition’ – read: without violence or the head of state being immediately killed – in a very […]

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Most PC members support 3 presidential runners


Pajhwok Afghan News, 23 March 2014 Interesting survey by the Kabul-based news agency of 307 of the sitting 420 provincial council members on which presiedential candidate they support. There, Ghani (15.4%) was slightly the frontrunner, followed by Dr Abdullah (14.5%) and Rassul (12.1%). The three together scored 64.1 percent. The others followed way behind: Sayyaf (5.2%); Sherzai […]

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The Butter on the Bread: The Provincial Councils’ fight for extended authority

Thomas Ruttig

For more than two weeks, now, the campaign for the provincial council (PC) election has been running. It commenced on 4 March, and the presidential election that ends the era of President Hamed Karzai in Afghanistan’s highest office overshadows it. PC candidates and voters face one difficulty: the councils lack clearly defined authorities, which somewhat […]

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Not a Promising Start: The vetting of the presidential and provincial council candidates

Gran Hewad Kate Clark

Buried in a pre-election assessment report by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) are concerns about the transparency with which presidential and provincial council candidates have been vetted. Peter Manikas, NDI’s Asia director, said at a press conference earlier this month that they were concerned that “a number of people who should have been eligible candidates […]

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