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provincial council election

Elections 2014 (24): The IECC’s performance addressing provincial council complaints

Martine van Bijlert Qayoom Suroush

While most observers are focused on the upcoming second round of the presidential election, the process surrounding the provincial council vote is still ongoing. The Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) finished its open sessions last week and, in response to allegations of manipulation by IEC staff, ordered a widespread recount of votes, which had already […]

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Afghan women stand to be counted as West begins to disengage


Reuters/Euronews, 16 Apil 2014 AAN's Wazhma Samandary is quoted in this article about a young Kandahari woman campaigning for a seat in the provincial council:  “The withdrawal of international forces has increased concerns about insecurity, because of the increase of anti-government groups, militias, local commanders and other strongmen,” Wazhma Samandary, a researcher at Afghanistan Analysts […]

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What to Watch in the Elections (3): Polling day, fraud and irregularities

Martine van Bijlert

Elections in Afghanistan can be overwhelming, surreal and utterly confusing, even for those who have followed the politics of the country for a long time. To bring those who were not here during previous elections up to speed, and to remind those who may have forgotten the details of what it was like, AAN’s Martine […]

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