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Fear, Hope and Determination: Afghanistan and the 2014 Syndrome

Martine van Bijlert

Ever since in 2011 President Obama announced his timeline for the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, the prospect of 2014 has been looming ominously over the country. And now we are here, at the beginning of this almost mythical year. There is nervousness and fear, but also pushback, with some Afghans believing that the […]

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Afghanistan, After the War Boom

AAN Team

The New Yorker (blog), 13 November 2013 “This year, Afghanistan’s GDP is expected to grow 3.7 per cent, down from growth of twelve per cent in 2012, according to a projection by the World Bank”, writes May Jeong and visits Kabul to find out about Afghanistan’s post-2014 economic future, in the light of the current foreign […]

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