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Who Played Havoc with the Qatar Talks? Five possible scenarios to explain the mess

Borhan Osman Kate Clark

The bizarre turn of events following the opening of the Taleban office in Doha has led many to wonder whether the affair could have been deliberately sabotaged. Was it possible it had just been badly handled? So rapidly did the optimism about potential talks give way to bewilderment at their suspension, and the Taleban’s re-appearance […]

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Tell Us How This Ends. Transitional Justice and Prospects for Peace in Afghanistan

P. Gossman Sari Kouvo

AAN’s latest thematic report “Tell Us How This Ends: Transitional Justice and Prospects for Peace in Afghanistan” by Patricia Gossman and Sari Kouvo, asks whether, after 35 years of conflict, Afghanistan can move forward without addressing the legacies of its violent past? A timely and relevant question in the context of current efforts to find […]

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Militia Disbandment and Peace Building: AAN republication of a 2008 paper

Barbara Stapleton

Disbandment of Illegal Armed Groups (DIAG) was the name of a crucial programme in the post-Taleban years in Afghanistan that ran from 2006 to 2011. As the successor to the Demobilisation, Disarmament and Reintegration (DDR) programme, it was designed to disband those remaining armed groups in the areas of the country not covered by DDR […]

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As Karzai Visits U.S., What Are The Prospects For Afghan Peace?

Other AAN

PBS/WLRN Miami, 7 January 2013 In a report about the forthcoming US visit of President Karzai, prospects for peace talks are discussed and AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted as saying: ‘I think peace is possible here.’ She says that one of the main challenges is that there are so many players — the U.S., the […]

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Credible Afghan Elections Seen Critical to Future Stability, Donor Backing

AAN Team

US Institute of Peace, 13 December 2012 Read a short summary of the 11 December event at USIP Washington in which AAN Advisory Board chairman Francesc Vendrell and Senior Analyst Thomas Ruttig discussed reconciliation and elections during two panels (see also ‘events’)

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Split Unity: Afghanistan’s controversial Youth Peace Jirga

S Reza Kazemi

Jirgas have traditionally been get-togethers for the old in Afghanistan, but in early July 2012 (1), some 1,700 young people gathered for a multi-day ‘National Youth Peace Jirga’. At a time when the official peace efforts of the US and Afghan governments seem to have halted, notwithstanding the recent ‘academic’ meetings in Paris and Kyoto […]

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Transition and Peace Talks: Optimism and Confidence in Herat?

Hamisha Bahar

Transition of security and the possibility of a process of peace talks with the Taleban are a concern to most Afghans. According to reports, house prices are falling, investors are getting more careful and more and more people are contemplating to leave the country because of concerns that the situation may get worse. However, the […]

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‘Let Our People Live’: Herat Activists Call for End to War


Tolo News, 19 April 2012 The Kabul-based private TV station reports about a rare civil society-organised pro-peace demonstration in Herat, although not giving the number of participants.

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The Quran burnings and the different faces of restraint

Martine van Bijlert

The fourth day of protests has ended with a mixed picture: on one hand relief over what seemed to have been a sense of restraint in many areas, on the other hand sadness and resignation over the reports of violence and deaths coming from a handful of places. All in all, it was not as […]

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Quran Burning on Bagram Base

Thomas Ruttig

This blog can be very short, thinks Thomas Ruttig, a Senior Analyst at AAN, and doesn’t require any Afghanistan expertise: Books and other reading material, Islamic or otherwise, do not belong in the garbage. If you stick to this basic rule, Quran burnings and retaliatory riots can be avoided. For an alternative to dispose of printed material, […]

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Report on ‘more peaceful’ Afghanistan doesn’t tell the whole story


Globe and Mail, 13 December 2011 NATO media officers in Afghanistan ‘have gotten very excited on Twitter about an article posted Monday on the website of Foreign Policy magazine’, writes Graeme Smith, that ‘pulls together what sounds like a rational case for optimism after a decade of war in Afghanistan, compiling all kinds of data […]

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Thinking out loud about peace, talks and tensions

Martine van Bijlert

In the weeks after Rabbani’s death by deceit and in the days after President Karzai’s oblique announcement of a new peace strategy, Afghans are trying to make sense of a complicated and murky situation. They are thinking out loud and what they say illustrates the complexity and the confusion, the diverging view points and the […]

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