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Afghan government under pressure to make peace with Taliban

AAN Team

ABC (Radio Australia), 29 October 2013 Discussing the latest British attempt to get Pakistan and Afghanistan cooperating on Taleban talks, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted (listen to an audio file): “[Interviewer:] Pakistan is the Taliban’s strongest backer – if peace is going to prevail, Pakistan needs to drag the militants to the negotiating table. But […]

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The Release of Mullah Baradar: What’s next for negotiations?

Kate Clark

It has been reported that Pakistan has released the most senior Taleban it had in its custody, Mullah Abdul-Ghani Baradar. At the time of his arrest in Karachi in 2010, Baradar was the effective number two in the movement and de facto operational chief of the insurgency. Both the Pakistani and Afghan governments have said […]

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What came out of the Peace Talks in Islamabad? An Afghan and a Pakistani take

Reza Rumi

Did the Afghan-Pakistani peace talks in Islamabad over the past two days yield results to speak of? There were surprisingly positive moments – moments that justified the hope pinned on this trip. Then again, listening in closer to the concluding statements of the Pakistani Prime Minister and the Afghan President, both leaders seemed to be […]

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Déjà Vu All Over Again: The Af-Pak roller coaster and a possible new Taleban office

Borhan Osman

Tomorrow, 26 August, President Hamed Karzai is visiting Islamabad; it will be the first visit since February 2012. At the top of the agenda: peace talks – again. In the lead-up to this visit, officials of the two countries spoke of alternatives to the Taleban’s Qatar office. AAN’s Borhan Osman (with input by Thomas Ruttig) […]

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The Qatar Office Conundrum: Karzai’s quest for control over Taleban talks

Thomas Ruttig

During President Karzai’s recent visit to Qatar, discussions about a possible Taleban office were high on the agenda, and the visit had been charged with expectations in advance. Surprisingly, not much has been officially publicised about its outcome after the president returned home. AAN’s Senior Analyst Thomas Ruttig tries to make sense of the trip […]

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