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Visitor at the opening of Kabul’s newest museum, the Afghanistan Centre for Memories and Dialogue, which commemorates war crimes and their victims (Photo Hadi Morawej 2019)

Peace in The Air, But Where Is Justice? Efforts to get transitional justice on the table

Ehsan Qaane Sari Kouvo

A new museum, commemorating war crimes and their victims, has opened in Kabul. The Afghanistan Centre for Memories and Dialogue is dedicated to collecting the stories of survivors and the families of victims of war crimes. Their voices have rarely been heard in recent decades, partly because dealing with the legacy of violations in the […]

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AAN Co-director, Thomas Ruttig on history of Afghan conflict and the current peace process (in German) – February 2019

Thomas Ruttig

AAN’s Thomas Ruttig discusses history of the Afghan conflict, Taleban and current peace process with German outlet Jung & Naiv.      

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Afghanistan’s 2019 elections (2): Who is running to become the next president?

Ali Yawar Adili

The Independent Election Commission has published the preliminary list of the 2019 presidential candidates. The list includes 18 candidates. It should now go through a vetting process and a challenge and appeal period before it is finalised and published on 26 March, according to the electoral calendar. AAN’s researcher, Ali Yawar Adili, looks at the […]

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“Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed”: First steps in Afghan peace negotiations

Thomas Ruttig

With the US-Taleban negotiations in Doha actually addressing how to end the Afghan war, and with first progress being made in the form of an agreed draft framework, Afghanistan seems to be slowly inching beyond the impasse of only ‘talks about talks.’ With this, a peace process has possibly left the starting blocks, but only […]

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Getting to the Steering Wheel: President Ghani’s new set of peace proposals

Thomas Ruttig

President Ashraf Ghani updated peace plan, presented at the Geneva Conference on Afghanistan on 28 November, the 13th international Afghanistan conference since 2001, built on the February 2018 Kabul Process proposals. Ghani foresees a five-phase approach to consultations and five years of implementation. At the same time, these proposals represent an attempt to reassert the Afghan government’s […]

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The Release of Mullah Baradar: A contribution to the peace effort?

Kate Clark

The Taleban have confirmed to various media that Pakistan has released the most senior member of their movement in detention, Mullah Abdul Ghani, better known as Mullah Baradar (brother). He was arrested in 2010 and held ever since, apparently incommunicado and without charge or trial. Baradar was a founding member of the Taleban and a […]

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Chai ne-khorda, solh ne-mesha. Photo: Thomas Ruttig

Understanding Hurdles to Afghan Peace Talks: Are the Taleban a political party?

Khalilullah Safi Thomas Ruttig

Following his February 2018 offer of peace talks to the Taleban, President Ashraf Ghani proposed that they run as a political party in the upcoming elections. In 2011, his predecessor, Hamed Karzai, had offered something different, that the government would support the Taleban’s recognition by the United Nations Security Council as a “party to the […]

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The Second meeting of Kabul Process for Peace and Security Cooperation, held on 28 February 2018 in Afghan capital, has marked a change in peace rhetoric. Credit: Tolo

Thematic Dossier XVII: Peace Talks (2)

AAN Team

In the light of Kabul Process meeting that brought together 23 countries, the UN, the NATO and the EU to the Afghan capital to discuss peace in Afghanistan on 28 February 2018, AAN prepared a new thematic dossier, which brings together in one place all of its relevant reporting on peace efforts in Afghanistan from […]

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The Second meeting of Kabul Process for Peace and Security Cooperation, held on 28 February 2018 in the Afghan capital, marked a change in peace rhetoric. Credit: Tolo

Who shall cease the fire first? Afghanistan’s peace offer to the Taleban

Jelena Bjelica Thomas Ruttig

The second meeting of the Kabul Process for Peace and Security Cooperation that was held in the Afghan capital on 28 February 2018 marked a change in the peace rhetoric. The Afghan government presented some very concrete proposals for peace talks with the Taleban. It came with a few conditions (not called as such) – mainly […]

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The Road to Turkestan or: More Theses on Peacemaking in Afghanistan. Manifesto No 2

Thomas Ruttig

Author’s Note: The title and the theme of this set of theses refer to Barnett Rubin’s “Theses on Peacemaking in Afghanistan: A Manifesto” published in War on the Rocks on 23 February 2018 (read here). But these theses will mainly scrutinise Afghanistan’s internal institutional crisis that needs to be addressed in order to improve the […]

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AAN’s Thomas Ruttig discusses ‘Hopes and Realities in Afghanistan’ at The Peace Research Institute Oslo (September, 2016)

Thomas Ruttig

Afghanistan has received less attention by the international community after the withdrawal of foreign troops in 2014. However, an increasing conflict level and civilian casualties, internal differences in the government, the presence of ISIS in the country and the thousands of Afghan refugees coming to Europe has put Afghanistan firmly back on the agenda. Afghanistan […]

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Taliban Leaders: Starting Top Right - Clockwise: Mullah Rasul (Source: Zhwandoon TV screenshot), Mullah Akhtar Mansur (Source: Taleban Website), Mullah Manan Niazi (Source: Tolo TV), Mullah Mansur Dadullah (Source: Supporters on Social Media)

AAN Co-director, Thomas Ruttig on Swiss Radio, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen – May 2016

Thomas Ruttig

AAN’s Co-director Thomas Ruttig on SRF Radio discussing about the change in the Taleban leadership and chances for peace.

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