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Voters queue at Ali Baba High School in the provincial capital Parun, Paktika. Photo: Fazal Muzhary, October 2018.

The 2018 Election Observed (4) in Paktika: Pre-election fraud and relatively peaceful polling

Fazl Rahman Muzhary

Where Paktika has been famous for ballot stuffing and mass proxy voting in previous elections, locals claim that this election was very different. A softer Taleban stance and a new slate of candidates, they say, allowed for more extensive campaigning. And the new electoral measures prevented rigging which, as a result, the electorate – including […]

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Why One of Afghanistan’s Most Feared Men Is a U.S. Ally


Times, 4 October 2011 This follow-up article by Julius Cavendish gives more detail on Azizullah, the violent Special Forces’ ally in Paktika’s Bermel district, and provides a glimpse inside the murky world of Afghan Guard Forces, Counterterroism Pursuit Teams and otherwise largely uncontrolled Afghan forces..

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