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29 June 2010, Washington: Afghanistan Today Karzai, Reconciliation, and Western Strategy

AAN admin

As Afghanistan’s “summer fighting season” kicks into high gear and the Obama administration’s December 2010 review comes ever closer, join Afghanistan expert Martine van Bijlert and New America Foundation president Steve Coll for a discussion of Afghan politics, militant reconciliation, and the West’s plan in Afghanistan. For more details click here. A video of the talk […]

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Ghosts of Najibullah

Thomas Ruttig

With President Obama’s release of the new Afghanistan strategy ahead on Tuesday and first details coming out, parts of the puzzle fall into place. As it looks it will be less than the US 40,000 troops desired by Gen Mc Chrystal that will be sent to Afghanistan – probably some 30,000. The gap is to […]

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Kabul Diary (2): A Ring of Steel Sheets

Thomas Ruttig

Finally, the long expected rain is falling in Kabul. But what’s good for next year’s crops makes life miserable for people in the cities. And for the first time, there were hours-long complete traffic break-downs in Kabul yesterday and today afternoon. Although President Obama today announced that he plans ‘to finish the job’ in Afghanistan […]

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The Predator War


The New Yorker, 26 October 2009 Jane Mayer’s hair-raising account of the risks of ‘the “push-button” approach to fighting Al Qaeda’. She gives the figures of people killed during the 41 drone strikes since President Obama’s inauguration (between 326 and 538, ‘many bystanders’), explores the psyche of those remote-operating the drones and the role of […]

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Afghanistan and its Region: A Review of Obama’s Strategy

AAN admin

The three co-directors of AAN (Thomas Ruttig, Sari Kouvo and Martine van Bijlert) participated in the conference “Afghanistan and its Region: A Review of Obama’s Strategy” (7-10 May 2009), organized by the Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination. Their presentations focused on reconciliation and democratic pluralism, rule of law in the context of counter-insurgency, and the role […]

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