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Minister ruft Wirtschaft zu Hilfe [Neue Afghanistan-Strategie]


Tageszeitung (Berlin), 14 March 2014 (print only) Germany's minister for development has presented his country's post-2014 development strategy which focusses on the north (where German troops have been stationed) and Kabul and five "foci": good governance, economic development, energy, water and education. The strategic paper also emphasises women's rights, democratisation and rule of law. AAN's […]

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Changing of the Guards: Is the APPF program coming to an end?

Fabrizio Foschini

In 2014, the performance of the Afghan National Army (ANA) will be under intense scrutiny. However, it is also high time for another key element of the Afghan security set up to be evaluated: the Afghan Public Protection Force (APPF). The 20,000 men strong, state run security program in the past two years has – with […]

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