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Photographs of some of the 5,000 victims forcibly disappeared by the PDPA government placed close to Pul-e Charkhi prison in Kabul where many mass graves have been discovered. Information about these victims has emerged as a result of Dutch investigations into war crimes and has brought solace to family members. Photo: Maina Abbasi/ December 2016

Afghan War Crimes Trials in The Netherlands: Who are the suspects and what have been the outcomes?

Ehsan Qaane

At least six Afghan, or Afghan-Dutch, citizens have been investigated for war crimes and torture in Afghanistan by the Dutch authorities. Two were found guilty and received prison sentences, one was acquitted, one died during the investigation, one was investigated but released due to insufficient evidence, and the sixth is still under investigation. All were […]

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4/5 October: TLO presents Uruzgan report

AAN admin

Our partner organisation The Liaison Office (TLO) in Kabul has presented its latest report in the Netherlands’ parliament and in the Dutch Embassy in Kabul: ‘The Dutch engagement in Uruzgan’ – an analysis of the four-year Dutch civil-military engagement in this southern Afghan province that ended on 1 August this year. The publication of the […]

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5 February, Amsterdam:

AAN admin

Martine van Bijlert will be participating in the Dutch “Loya Jirga” in Amsterdam which will explore what the Netherlands’ civilian and military involvement in Afghanistan looks like in reality. The Loya Jirga will, according to the announcement, listen to the stories of Afghans, journalists, soldiers, development workers and members of the business community, while it tries […]

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