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Bergdahl and the ‘Guantanamo Five’: The long-awaited US-Taleban prisoner swap

Kate Clark

The prisoner swap negotiated between the Taleban and United States has seen the release of the captured US soldier, Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, in return for five Taleban held at Guantanamo Bay, including one of the movement’s founders, Khairullah Khairkhwa, and the former chief of the army staff, Mullah Fazl. Much of the reporting on the […]

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The Future of Peace Talks: What would make a breakthrough possible?

Borhan Osman

Attempts last year to reconcile the Taleban ended where they had started a year before – stuck in stalemate. Two major developments this year, however, could affect the peace process. The departure of President Hamid Karzai and accession of a new leader in the spring provides an opportunity for rebooting the peace process. At best, […]

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Pakistan ‘will allow Afghan officials to meet key Taliban leader’

AAN Team

The Telegraph, 30 October 2013 In an article on the trilateral Afghan-Pakistani-UK meeting in London, AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted: “However, after three years in captivity it is unclear whether Mullah Baradar still retains influence over the movement and whether his allegiances may have shifted, according to a recent analysis by Kate Clark of the […]

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Former Taliban Leader’s Release Fails To Revive Peace Talks

AAN Team

RFE/RL, 22 October 2013 Article with extensive quotes of AAN’s Kate Clark: Kate Clark, a senior analyst at Afghanistan Analysts Network, an independent research organization in Kabul, says she is not surprised that Baradar’s release has not immediately resulted in peace talks. “What you needed was not only his release but some mechanism or political […]

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The Road Through Qatar: Opportunities and hurdles for a political solution in Afghanistan

Thomas Ruttig

Central Asia and the Caucasus, 03-04/2013 In its Afghanistan-special, the Sweden-based academic journal published an article by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig. Only abstract accessible online: “While a military solution in Afghanistan has failed, the search for a political solution that includes the insurgent Taliban movement has not yielded any significant results, despite initial U.S.-Taliban contacts in […]

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What came out of the Peace Talks in Islamabad? An Afghan and a Pakistani take

Reza Rumi

Did the Afghan-Pakistani peace talks in Islamabad over the past two days yield results to speak of? There were surprisingly positive moments – moments that justified the hope pinned on this trip. Then again, listening in closer to the concluding statements of the Pakistani Prime Minister and the Afghan President, both leaders seemed to be […]

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Déjà Vu All Over Again: The Af-Pak roller coaster and a possible new Taleban office

Borhan Osman

Tomorrow, 26 August, President Hamed Karzai is visiting Islamabad; it will be the first visit since February 2012. At the top of the agenda: peace talks – again. In the lead-up to this visit, officials of the two countries spoke of alternatives to the Taleban’s Qatar office. AAN’s Borhan Osman (with input by Thomas Ruttig) […]

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