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Forbidden Love And Execution Leaves Afghan Mullah Crying Foul


Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 11 October 2013 In Badghis province, Halima escaped with her boyfriend on the eve of her forced wedding, only to be tracked down days later and shot dead in a public execution. The case led to a 17-year prison sentence against a local mullah seen in a video ordering Halima's execution. But now the mullah, 35-year-old […]

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Implications of Mulla Baradar’s Arrest

Thomas Ruttig

With Mulla Baradar the operational leader of the Taleban movement has been captured. Mulla Baradar – this is a nom-de-guerre and his real name is Abdul Ghani – had been appointed one of the two deputies of Mulla Muhammad Omar when the movement reorganized after its collapse in late 2001. That made him the movement’s […]

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