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The Great Hindukush Gold Rush (1): Another Silver Bullet

Thomas Ruttig

When last year the not-so-new news hit the headlines that Afghanistan possesses enormous mineral resources, a lot of eyes started to shine with joy. Some Afghan and foreign officials believe that they finally have found the Holy Grail for post-2014 Afghanistan: a resource from which the country can pay its own security and development costs, […]

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Deep in Afghanistan mine, barriers to progress


McClatchy Newspapers, 16 November 2010 Jonathan landay picks another hot iron: the privatisation of Karkar coal mine, again with some Karzai involvement.

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Afghan Buddhist relics: Archaeologists issue warning


BBC, 15 November 2010 Scientists warn that the extraction of copper from the giant, Chinese-operated Aynak mine in Logar will destroy a 2,600-year-old Buddhist monastery with stupas when work begins. They say they are under pressure now to reduce a three-year unofficial deadline agreed between the mine’s operator, Chinese government-backed China Metallurgical Group Corp, and […]

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