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Celebrating Nawruz in Mazar-e Sharif, 2005 (Photo: Thomas Ruttig)

The Dead of Mazar

Thomas Ruttig

Today, our thoughts are with the UN colleagues who were killed in Mazar-e Sharif yesterday and also with the Afghans killed there(*), not knowing whether they had just been using their constitutional right to demonstrate or indeed had murder in their hearts. And we hope that Pastor Jones in Gainesville, Florida, had a sleepless night, […]

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Guest Blog: Modernisation Stress – Kabul and Mazar Revisited

Michael Daxner

During his tenth trip to Afghanistan since 2003 dedicated to research on micro-social development and general political perceptions, after an interval of two and a half years, our guest blogger Michael Daxner(*) was ‘little surprised at the first glance – but at a closer look, much has changed’. Glimpses on social stratification, discussions about federalism, […]

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