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28 June 2011: AAN’s Kate Clark at Chatham House

AAN admin

AAN’s Kate Clark, author of the report ‘The Takhar attack: Targeted killings and the parallel worlds of US intelligence and Afghanistan’, will take part in another discussion on the issue of the US Kill/Capture strategy at the Chatham House in London. In July 2010 when General David Petraeus took command of NATO’s campaign against the […]

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World to Afghans: ‘Unhappy with our choices? Grin and bear it.’

Fatima Ayub

After participating in parallel events to the main London Afghanistan conference, FATIMA AYUB points at the alarm amongst many Afghans caused by indications of a ‘headlong dash to give Taliban leaders recognition and power’. A near-hysterical optimism accompanies any official event on Afghanistan, and the London Conference almost two weeks ago was no different. To […]

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London Conference (2): Peace, Reconciliation and Reintegration

Martine van Bijlert

The London Conference and the media chatter around it has put the subject of reintegration and negotiations with the Taliban firmly on the agenda. Although both issues had been repeatedly raised by Afghan government and international officials over the last few years, the media and wider public still seemed to be taken by surprise. A […]

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Are We Afghanistan-Driven in London?

Thomas Ruttig

While the 70 or so delegations to the London conference are already sitting in Lancaster House, here some first thought about what is being discussed and what not. No claim to be exhaustive here. Let me start with the German discussion because it points to one of the core problems. What mainly is looked at […]

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