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A Threat at Kabul’s Southern Gate: A security overview of Logar province

Thomas Ruttig Ali Mohammad Sabawoon

Logar – a strategic province at the southern gate of the capital Kabul – has been among Afghanistan’s most insecure provinces for years. The government only controls parts of three of its seven districts, in some cases not much more than (parts of) the district centre. This provides the Taleban positions closer to the capital […]

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The Empty Streets of Mohammad Agha: Logar’s struggle against the Taleban

Obaid Ali

Logar province has become a dangerous place to live for many residents. The number of violent incidents and assassinations of locals committed by Taleban has increased starkly. AAN’s Obaid Ali describes how the Taleban intimidate and exploit the people of this province just south of Kabul and how they challenge local security forces, especially the […]

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Trying to Control the Uncontrolled: the NSC’s decision on Wardak

Martine van Bijlert

Months of reported abuses in Wardak by armed groups and individuals apparently linked to a US Special Operations base, and the failure of ISAF to take responsibility or to adequately respond, has led the National Security Council to announce that all US Special Operations Forces are to be removed from Wardak within two weeks. Although […]

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Afghan Reporter on Risks of Covering Sensitive Stories


IWPR, 20 December 2012 Reporter Abdul Maqsud Azizi tells the story how he investigated land conflicts related to the extension of an US military base in the southern part of Logar province.

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Disputed Ownership of Afghan Site Used by NATO


IWPR, 30 November 2012 According to the governor of the province, the US military has purchased land for a base in southern Logar – where it even has swallowed part of the main Kabul-Gardez road – from six people who even didn’t own it. The deal was done when late Abdullah Wardak – a Sayyaf […]

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Anti-Taliban leader who rejects ‘corrupt’ Afghan police prefers to go it alone


AFP, 13 October 2012 The French news agency reports another anti-Taleban ‘uprising’, this time from Logar’s Kolangar district and financed by a local businessman who has rejected to join the ALP. He claims he has already poured USD 160,000 into the uprising and has ‘the support of 50 villages and 200 armed men, with 2,000 […]

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Lack of Capacity and Capital: Is Afghanistan Under-Selling the Ainak Copper?

Gran Hewad

Containing 240 million metric tons of ore at 2.3 per cent copper content, the Ainak mine is considered one of the largest deposits of this metal in the world. It is located in Muhammad Agha district of Logar province, about 30 kilometres south-east of the Afghan capital, and was contracted to a Chinese consortium in […]

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Taleban Justice Dominant in Logar Province


IWPR, 2 August 2012 ‘Even public servants turn to alternative courts in the belief they are swifter and more honest than state judiciary’, the Afghanistan-based network reports

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Looking at the Azra Hospital Attack (amended)

Thomas Ruttig Fabrizio Foschini

The suicide car-bomb attack that destroyed the civilian hospital of Logar’s eastern-most district Azra on 25 June was terrible even for Afghan standards, with now [amended: 29] registered dead and 53 wounded. Amongst the victims were reportedly 15 children waiting for immunisation as well as five toddlers; the 10-bed maternity ward completely destroyed. But the […]

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Deaths Not in the News (amended)

Thomas Ruttig

Some TV stations have a programme called ‘No comment’. They just show pictures, without any explanation. Here, we just use words to report an incident from Logar, without any comment. It is from the Afghan War’s small print. Case 1 On Tuesday 14 June, around 1:30 pm, a mine went off in De Ahmadzaio Kala’s […]

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Guest Blog: Mining the ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’

Thalia Kennedy

The big Logar copper mine of Mes-e Aynak, with its Buddhist finds, epitomizes a dilemma many countries are facing: excavate your natural resources or protect your cultural heritage (and natural environment). In Afghanistan, after three decades of violent conflict, the latter is threatened to lose out in this competition. But as the country’s archeological sites, […]

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