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«Ein Machtkampf innerhalb der Taliban» Pakistanische Taliban greifen zum zweiten Mal den internationalen Flughafen von Karatschi an

Thomas Ruttig

20 Minuten, 11 June 2014 The Swiss news portal interviews AAN’s Thomas Ruttig about the Pakistani Taleban’s attack on Karachi Airport and its implications in the region (in German).

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Taliban gegen pakistanische Regierung: Wie geht der Machtkampf aus?

Thomas Ruttig

Deutschlandradio Kultur, 10 June 2014 Listen to the audio file of a live interview (in German) with AAN’s Thomas Ruttig about the attack of Pakistani Taleban on Karachi Airport and its regional repercussions.

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Transition in Uruzgan (2): Power at the centre

Deedee Derksen

“Only the dead see the end of war”. The encryption on the monument for fallen foreign soldiers in Camp Holland, the main international military base in Uruzgan, might end up a sad prediction for many inhabitants of this southern province. As foreign forces prepare to leave, Uruzganis are ever more worried about the future. Deedee […]

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