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Counterinsurgency in Kandahar: what happened to the fence?

Martine van Bijlert

A short visit to Kandahar, as it has been a while. In the afternoon there is a donkey cart bomb several blocks away. It kills three children, destroys a police post and rattles the office I am visiting. The blast of moving air tells the body something about vulnerability that it had forgotten. In the […]

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House of pain: Canada’s connection with Kandahar’s ruthless palace guard


Globe and Mail, 10 April 2010 Graeme Smith on how Canada ignored indications that Kandahar’s former governor Assadullah Khaled was running private prisons and was involved in torture, and their relationship with the murky Brigade 888 (which followed Assadullah when he left).

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Strangers kicking in your door

Martine van Bijlert

“Hello, I am calling from Kandahar. I got your number from a friend. One of my employees, a driver, was arrested a month ago. ISAF forces came to my house at night and took three people away. They also almost took me. They are still holding the driver, the ICRC says he is in Bagram. […]

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On Commander Razeq again

Joanna Nathan

AAN member JOANNA NATHAN draws attention to the recent “mistaken” killing of civilians by Kandahar’s border police, which has gone largely unnoticed. So Commander Razeq is once again in the news with dead civilians on his men’s hands. TheNew York Times reports that seven people mistakenly thought to be insurgents were shot by the border police […]

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