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Why Afghanistan Can’t Wait


Huffington Post blog, 10 August 2012 The story of two Afghan civil society activists and their failed interview for a US visa – a story that can happen not only at the US embassy in Kabul.

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Afghan-led? or: People with one name only

Thomas Ruttig

Tom Peter, the Christian Science Monitor correspondent in Kabul, just wrote a story how US soldiers in Arghandab district had denied him access for 90 minutes to the local district governor with whom he had scheduled an interview and who did not want him to bring in his tape recorder. He wondered ‘how much control […]

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Written in Ice? Protests after the public execution of a woman in Parwan

Obaid Ali

There have been fresh demonstrations condemning the public execution of a young woman, Najiba, in a Taleban-controlled village in a province just to the north of Kabul – in June. The video of the execution, which was shown across the world, alerted many to how near the capital Taleban ‘rule’ extended. However, the target of […]

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AAN’s first e-book: ‘Snapshots of an Intervention’

AAN Team

The Unlearned Lessons of Afghanistan’s Decade of Assistance (2001–11) The idea for this volume was born in the summer of 2010 during a discussion of the cyclical nature of many of Afghanistan’s programmes. Years of following the international efforts had left us with an increasingly strong sense of déjà vu: another conference to demonstrate momentum, […]

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U.S. nixes larger office for Afghan defense minister


Washington Post, 1 July 2012 The United States is spending $92 million to build a new defence ministry for Afghanistan, ‘a massive five-story military headquarters with domed roofs and a high-tech basement command center that will link Afghan generals with their troops fighting the Taliban across the country’. The MoI gets a ‘$54 million Kabul […]

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Arts in a War Zone: Afghanistan at the Documenta

Martin Gerner

The Documenta in the German city of Kassel is said to be the world biggest exhibition on contemporary art. Taking place every five years, it is curated each time by a single foreign curator and his team of international agents and aides. This year, for its 13th edition, for the first time Afghanistan is a […]

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Afghanistan’s Absentee Politicians


IWPR, 18 June 2012 43 Afghan MPs have been absent both in March and April without notifying the house, and some have been absent for as much as a year, the head of house’s secretariat reports. And five MPs maintain armed retinues of between 20 and 40, all paid for by the interior ministry, and […]

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Upcoming Regional Co-operation Conference on Afghanistan: A Primer

S Reza Kazemi

Regional co-operation on Afghanistan has so far remained by and large confined to meeting rooms and conference halls. One of these gatherings is set to take place in Kabul on 14 June 2012. The ‘Heart of Asia Ministerial Conference in Kabul’ is focused on ‘The Istanbul Process: A New Agenda for Regional Co-operation.’ The Afghan […]

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Another Hezb-e Islami U-Turn – with more to follow? (amended)

Gran Hewad

When the second largest insurgent group, Hezb-e Islami (1), suspended talks with the Afghan government, three weeks ago, it cited dissatisfaction with the signing of the US-Afghan Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) on 1 May 2012. Kabul has now gone public, accusing Hezb-e Islami of telling it a different story immediately after the talks, which were […]

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Khomeini Commemorations Met With Resistance By Afghan Youth


RFE/RL, 1 June 2012 The website of the US-financed radio reports that young Afghans had protested in Kabul against the commemoration of the anniversary of the death of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, some of them defacing and tearing down posters of the late Iranian supreme leader.

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Finances a Mystery at Kabul Conference


IWPR, 1 May 2012 The search began with a missing generator. The machine, worth as much as 20,000 US dollars in Kabul, is said to have been bought with money donated by USAID for the Kabul International Conference in July 2010 that was attended by delegates from more than 70 countries. Spending on the conference […]

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