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Ein Racheakt, kein Strategiewechsel: Anschlag auf ein Lokal voller Ausländer in Kabul

AAN Team

Deutsche Welle (website), 17 January 2014 In this report about the fatal terrorist attack at a Kabul restaurant, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig and Adenauer Foundation’s (and AAN author) Nils Woermer ae quoted in unison that this terrorist acts does not represent a change of strategy of the Taleban who have attacked civilians, Afghans and internationals alike, […]

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V Afganistane nikde nie je úplne bezpečne

Thomas Ruttig

Pravda (Slovakia), 27 December 2013 The Slovak daily newspaper prints a short interview with AAN’s Thomas Ruttig, assessing the strength of the Taleban and the outlook for Afghanistan in 2014, after two Slovak soldiers were killed in an attack in Kabul – bringing the country’s number of casualties to 3.

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Unemployment, Crime Rising Ahead Of Troop Pullout


Tolo News, 26 December 2013 The head of the Kabul Crime Investigation Department said on Thursday that over the past two months poverty, crime and unemloyment have increased in the capital Kabul, "pointing to the foreign troop withdraw in 2014 as the main cause". 

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In Kabul, clinic funded by U.S. military closing because of lack of government support


Washington Post, 18 November 2013 Another "White Elephant" or victim of Afghan government inability? – the story of the Urgent and Primary Care Clinic in Kabul, "the brainchild of Asad Mojadidi, an Afghan-born doctor" who now is advisor to the Afghan Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), build with Pentagon money and inaugurated by then ISAF commander Eikenberry in […]

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Dangerous ‘truth’: The Kabul women’s poetry club


BBC, 21 October 2013 Lyse Doucet's story about Kabul's Mirman (Mrs) Baheer literary society, continuing a tradition of women's poetry from Malalai and Rabia Balkhi: "We take pure and sacred words and express our feelings with those words. But I know my society has this belief that writing poetry is a sin."

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Football Victory II: A night and a day of celebrations

AAN Team

It was a burst of massive happiness, a moment of sheer bliss and pride, something few Afghans have experienced much of in the past and thus even more powerful: only moments after Afghanistan won the South Asian Football Federation Championship, defeating India with 2:0, waves of people filled the streets of Kabul and many other […]

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What came out of the Peace Talks in Islamabad? An Afghan and a Pakistani take

Reza Rumi

Did the Afghan-Pakistani peace talks in Islamabad over the past two days yield results to speak of? There were surprisingly positive moments – moments that justified the hope pinned on this trip. Then again, listening in closer to the concluding statements of the Pakistani Prime Minister and the Afghan President, both leaders seemed to be […]

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Kabul’s Utterly Mundane Urban Planning Crisis

Martine van Bijlert, 21 August 2013 Article on Kabul’s urban planning crisis quotes Fabrizio Foschini’s dispatch on the conflicts that have broken out between different claimants to the land in Deh Sabz, where the Afghan government plans to establish the ambitious New Kabul City.

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Land Grabs (2): Deh Sabz, the new and the old

Fabrizio Foschini

Kuchi nomads on their way to becoming sedentary and foreign and local investors planning a prestigious Kabul New City development project end up competing for the same piece of land. A recent, dramatic fire fight between the Kabul police and the armed supporters of a Kuchi leader in Deh Sabz sounded like an alarm bell […]

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A Journey’s End: Returning to Kabul after three decades

Ali M Latifi

Nearly 30 years ago, the mother of AAN guest author Ali M. Latifi fled Kabul from the Soviet-backed regime, holding her three children by the hand. Shortly before this year’s Ramadan began, she came back for the first time. She wanted to visit Ali, her youngest child, who now works in Kabul. And she wanted […]

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The Road to Ghazni: Bombs, battles and blockades

Borhan Osman

Step outside Kabul, about 30 miles away, and the road to Ghazni starts to bring you the sense of the battlefield. You pass by fierce skirmishes, exploding bombs, burning oil tankers, gun-toting Afghan forces and convoys of US forces that look hostile to anyone Afghan. Some drivers have gotten so used to the constant violence […]

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A Slow Start: Afghan voter registration in urban centres first

Obaid Ali Ali M Latifi

On 25 May 2013, voter registration for the 2014 presidential election officially kicked off throughout Afghanistan. Female registration has been slow, even though the process is for the moment limited to the provincial capitals. Also general turn-out has been quite low and the process has proven to be cumbersome. It is however still very early […]

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