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“Helmand is my soul, my mother. I never want to leave”: Obituary for murdered journalist, Muhammad Aliyas Dayee, 1988-2020

Andrew Quilty

One of Afghanistan’s most respected journalists, Muhammad Aliyas Dayee, was killed in a targeted attack on 12 November in the Helmand capital, Lashkargah. Greatly admired and loved by colleagues and listeners to his radio reports alike, Dayee’s murder has raised questions about whether the profession is a viable one as the incidence of targeted killings […]

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Journalisten in Afghanistan: Recherche mit Risiko


Tagesspiegel (Berlin), 8 April 2014 AAN's Christine Röhrs writes in her old newspaper: commenting on the attack killing of German photographer Anja Niedringhaus and injuring AP's Kathy Gannon, she writes (in German) that this and other attacks on journalists has deeply influenced how journalists feel they can work in Afghanistan but warns against alarmism: it would […]

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Эксперты: нападения на журналистов в Афганистане повлияют на выборы


RIA Novosti (Russia), 4 April 2014 AAN's Thomas Ruttig is quoted on the killing and wounding of two foeign journalists in Afghanistan and the possible impact on the elections, saying that it will affect the contribution journalists can make to getting a picture of the quality of the elections but that the main bulk of […]

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L’Afghanistan si prepara al voto tra tensione e timori di brogli


Tiscali (Italy), 4 April 2014 Watch AAN's Kate Clark in a video on this Italian video news channel comenting on the new killing of two foreign journalists in Afghanistan:  L'analista Kate Clark, direttore dell'Afghanistan analyst network, è molto pessimista sulla correttezza del processo elettorale. "Ci saranno brogli. Ci saranno nei seggi elettorali e al momento […]

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A ‘Jihad on the Media’? Afghan journalists face the storm in insecure legal waters

Wazhma Samandary

Since the beginning of this year, pressure on the Afghan media has been increasing. It is coming from two fronts: politicians and officials who claim that any critical reporting of them (or people of their ‘class’) is “defamation” and a “disruption of the social order”, and from Islamic scholars and MPs who are repeatedly using heated rhetoric […]

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Afghan Journalists Push into Parliament

Kate Clark

With the release of the names of candidates for the parliamentary elections, AAN has been excitedly pouring over the candidates’ list. The former journalists among us – myself and Thomas – were pleased to see a high number of our colleagues putting themselves forward for public office – at least twelve for Kabul alone – […]

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