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Carnage in Ghor: Was Islamic State the perpetrator or was it falsely accused? 

Borhan Osman

The Islamic State, holed up in a few districts in eastern Afghanistan, has suddenly popped up in a faraway western province, Ghor – at least according to provincial officials. They blamed IS for the massacre in October 2016 of more than 30 civilians. Digging deeper into the incident, AAN’s Borhan Osman found that the IS […]

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A group of people seated around the table, headed by president Ghani.

Parliament Kicks Out Ministers Again: A multi-dimensional power struggle

Thomas Ruttig

The Afghan parliament’s lower house has sacked seven ministers in a new wave of interpellations (estizah). It is not clear who instigated the estizah motions, MPs themselves or Palace intrigue, or who will come out as the winner (the president has told the ministers to stay in their posts and called on the Supreme Court […]

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Afghanistan Loses Unifying Voice With Vice President’s Death


Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 11 March 2014 In an obituary for deceased vice president Qasim Fahim, AAN's Thomas Ruttig is quoted as saying: "There will be a hole in the political process around the election because Fahim's place [as leader of the ethnic Tajik minority] is empty, and now the question is who will fill […]

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The Green Trend mobilisation and a possible new rift in Jamiat

Gran Hewad

As of late, the Green Trend movement has been reactivating its public and web-based activities. The movement has been established by former NDS director Amrullah Salih, together with former Minister of Interior Hanif Atmar, one of the two most prominent high-ranking government officials marginalised by President Karzai as – what many people believe – concessions […]

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