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Afghan Exodus: Migrants in Turkey left to fend for themselves

Christine Roehrs Khadija Hossaini

For Afghans seeking refuge or a new life in Europe, Turkey used to be a major migration transit hub. With routes through Turkey largely shut down after a refugee pact with the European Union in 2016, the country is now permanently hosting millions of refugees and migrants – among them possibly hundreds of thousands of […]

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Afghanistan Conference in Istanbul: The clogged arteries of the ‘Heart of Asia’

Thomas Ruttig

While governments usually try to keep the mood positive in the run-up to important diplomatic conferences, this time they have not even succeeded in doing this. The title of the upcoming regional conference on Afghanistan in Istanbul on 2 November is ambitious title – ‘Istanbul Conference for Afghanistan: Security and Cooperation in the Heart of […]

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June 2009: Conference on Governance in Istanbul

AAN admin

In late June, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig participated in the conference ‘Fundamentals of Governance in Afghanistan’ organized by The Hollings Center for International Dialogue and the American Institute of Afghanistan Studies (AIAS) in Istanbul (Turkey). A conference report can be found under: Here

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