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Beyond Jihad and Traditionalism: Afghanistan’s new generation of Islamic activists

Borhan Osman

Not all Afghan youth who are politically active and who want to change the status quo fit into the often simplified categories of being either progressive and educated, or uneducated and subversive. There is an often-overlooked segment of Afghanistan’s youth that is educated and engages in modern political debates and activities, while at the same […]

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Afghanistan vor den Präsidentschaftswahlen. Und vor islamistischer Welle?

Thomas Ruttig

Das Blättchen (Berlin), 6 January 2014 The political online biweekly publishes an article (in German) by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig about the upcoming Afghan elections and Afghan islamists of all kinds strengthening their positions in the country.

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Mali, Afghanistan – Conflicts Worlds Apart? Parallels and Lessons to be Learnt

Thomas Ruttig

When jihadist groups took over the northern half of Mali last year and French troops intervened in January this year, a discussion ensued in the media and among analysts about whether Mali was, or would become, a ‘second’ or ‘African’ Afghanistan. Most found a comparison ludicrous. With Mali’s presidential election coming up on today, 28 […]

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Afghanistan’s vain attempts at wooing Pakistani Islamists for peace

Borhan Osman

The recent assertion by Pakistan’s chief cleric, Tahir Ashrafi, about the permissibility of Taleban’s suicide attacks was completely the opposite of what Afghanistan had been looking for. Indeed, Kabul has had difficulties in mobilising religious leaders to speak against suicide attacks. A long sought conference of ulama from Afghanistan and Pakistan aimed at delegitimising militancy […]

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