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A Knock on the Door: 22 Months of ISAF Press Releases

Alex Strick-Van-Linschoten Felix Kuehn

ISAF officials have long presented the capture‐or‐kill operations as one of the most effective parts of the military mission in Afghanistan. They regularly release large figures describing the number of ‘leaders’, ‘facilitators’ and ‘insurgents’ that were killed or captured, to illustrate the success of the campaign. AAN’s latest report, by Alex Strick van Linschoten and […]

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Civilian Casualties 1: Progress in the war or a ‘perpetually escalating stalemate’?

Kate Clark

General Petraeus has handed over command of ISAF and US forces in Afghanistan, with talk of progress – albeit fragile and with ‘tough times’ ahead. His confidence was belied by reports or statements on the human cost of the war from three respected international institutions working in Afghanistan over the past week: ICRC said, ‘insecurity […]

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Fire at the Durand Line

Ann Wilkens

Since mid-June, warming relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan have run into serious trouble again. Pakistan accuses Afghanistan (and ISAF) of doing nothing to stop militants from attacking Pakistani border posts and villages, Afghanistan accuses Pakistan of shelling villages in Nangarhar and Kunar provinces, killing civilians and causing hundreds of families to flee. AAN Advisory Board […]

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Najib Who? Or: A Faux-pas Transition Press Release

Thomas Ruttig

Press releases of NATO and ISAF in Kabul are not known for their literary quality. Mostly, they inform matter-of-factually about successes of the Western troops and political progress achieved and often are full of euphemistic language, military neologisms and acronyms. Not different those of DVIDS, the ISAF Joint Command’s Defence Video & Imagery Distribution System. […]

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Talking about Civilian Casualties in Kabul (with comment)

Thomas Ruttig

Last week, on 28 June, ISAF Kabul had invited for a half-day conference on the issue of civilian casualties. The attendance, at least during the first hour, was high-ranking, with Gen. David Petraeus, NATO SCR Simon Gass, NSC chairman Rangin Dadfar Spanta and deputy speakers of both houses of the Afghan parliament. They all left […]

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Khas Uruzgan violence and ISAF press releases

Martine van Bijlert

About ten days ago I received news of a nightly ALP raid in Khas Uruzgan, that had resulted in one death, four detainees, several severe beatings, some plunder and a fair amount of local anger. So when I spotted an ISAF press release about a meeting in the district, I assumed it was related to […]

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The Enteqal Seven (4): Herat, the Seeds of Fear

Fabrizio Foschini

Herat was a logical choice for the transition: rich, cultivated, well-connected, Herat makes the kind of city that can stand on its own feet without much effort. But of course, transition comes with a price. As it seems more and more apparent, the insurgents are keen on targeting these new would-be symbols of success for […]

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Kill or Capture 3: When the International Military Says ‘Sorry’

Kate Clark

President Karzai has said he will no longer allow NATO airstrikes on houses because they are causing too many civilian casualties. The president’s ultimatum follows the pictures shown on Afghan TV on 29 May of distraught villagers in Helmand carrying the bruised and dusty corpses of their small children who had been killed in an […]

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The Enteqal Seven (3): Lashkargah – Southern Poster Child for Transition

Jen Mackenzie

The choice of Lashkargah as one of the first areas to be transferred into Afghan security responsibility was a surprise but can be explained: It is to give credence to the fulsome ISAF reports and certain sections of the media that peace, hope, and stability are just around the corner in this troubled corner of […]

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Kill or Capture 1: Owning up to civilian casualties

Kate Clark

US Special Forces carry out the vast majority of night raids and targeted killings in Afghanistan, but it is ISAF – through its media office – which deals with any news or fall-out arising from them. In responses to questions by journalists about AAN’s latest report about a case of intelligence failures and targeted killing […]

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18 May 2011: Cul-de-sac Afghanistan? Panel discussion in Frankfurt

AAN admin

While the European public is mainly concerned about the growing number of killed ISAF soldiers in Afghanistan and the debate is dominated by the troop withdrawal question – what about the people who ISAF was supposed to protect and defend? What would it mean if security responsibility is transferred to a government that is notorious […]

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In Afghan Kilns, a Cycle of Debt and Servitude


New York Times, 15 March 2011 Author Michael Kamber describes the system of indentured labour usually known from the Indian subcontinent used in Afghan brick kilns, how workers are bought and sold and their children bound by their parents’ contracts. An ISAF spokesman says the force conducted frequent inspections at construction sites and had no […]

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