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A new Afghan Shia Leader: Return to quietism versus political Islam?

Qayoom Suroush

A new leader is emerging in Afghanistan’s Shia community, one who so far has chosen to abstain from any presence or involvement in the religious or political affairs of the country. Ayatollah Mohammad Eshaq Fayaz is being supported by Afghan Shia – among them rather influential figures such as Second Vice President Sarwar Danish – […]

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Death in Aleppo: A group of Afghan fighters located in Syria

Christopher Reuter

Are Afghans fighting in the war in Syria? There have been a few reports to that effect in the international news media over the past months, detailing recruitment efforts mainly by the Iranian government among Hazaras in order to bolster the Assad regime’s manpower. However, there has never been evidence of Afghan fighters actually present in […]

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Iran: open for business again


Le Monde diplomatique (English version), January 2014 Very interesting Article by the head of the Farsi version of the newspaper (which is available in print only as a supplement to Seda-ye Edalat journal, 60/6 rue Sarve, Ave Vali Asr, Tehran), but this version is accessible for subscribers only. A German version can be read in full […]

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Can Kabul Carry Two Melons in One Hand? Afghanistan and Iran sign strategic cooperation document

Thomas Ruttig

Almost unnoticed by the international media, Afghanistan and Iran have signed a “Strategic Cooperation Agreement” during President Karzai’s recent trip to Tehran. The document includes provisions on bilateral military, intelligence and economic cooperation. The sequence indicates importance; the agreement is mainly a security agreement. However, it also contains ideas for a number of trilateral extensions […]

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President Rouhani’s Election: Potential impact on Iran’s relations with Afghanistan

Bruce Koepke

On 3 August 2013, Hassan Rouhani, the seventh president of the Islamic Republic of Iran will be officially endorsed by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and inaugurated by the Majlis, Iran’s parliament, the following day. AAN Guest Author Bruce Koepke explores the potential impact of his Presidency on Iran’s relations with Afghanistan, in the aftermath […]

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Afghan refugees leave Iran for Turkey


The National (UAE), 17 February 2013 More Afghan refugees – most not directly from the country but from Iran – are arriving in Turkey, after Iranian authorities did not extend papers, in some cases to people who lived there for decades. Reportage about a group of Afghan refugees living in a basement of an Istanbul […]

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The plight of Afghan refugees in Iran


1 August 2012 ‘Afghan refugees in Iran are increasingly facing an unbearable situation’, writes Afshin Shahi. ‘They are the most vulnerable group of people in the country and they face continuing degrading and discriminatory policies dictated by a state, which ironically preaches “Muslim solidarity”. […] Second generation Afghan refugees are treated as second-class citizens in […]

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Iran Sanctions Take Toll on Afghans


Wall Street Journal, 22 July 2012 ‘The U.S.’s effort to wield economic pressure to influence Iranian leaders is having the unintended consequence of hurting Afghanistan, which relies on remittances from millions of migrants living in the country to its west’, writes the Journal. ‘On the Iranian side of the border, authorities have been forcing Afghan […]

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