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International Affairs

4 May 2012: The EU in International Affairs III

AAN admin

AAN discusses the EU’s role for promoting human rights in Afghanistan at the VUB conference about EU and international affairs. For more information about the conference, click here.

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Plain Turkey by the AfViet Envoy

Kate Clark

In 1971, a secret history of the Vietnam War was leaked to the American press. One chapter of what became known as the Pentagon Papers, had been written by a young career diplomat called Richard Holbrooke. He of course, would in his final mission, serve as the US envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan (he died […]

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Report on the 6 Oct. Podium in Berlin: A Legitimacy Breakdown

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Green Security Policy specialist Winfried Nachtwei – arguably the most knowledgeable MP in the German Bundestag who, unfortunately, did not run again on 27 September, and just came back from his 14th trip to Afghanistan -, Spiegel magazine reporter Susanne Koelbl, who just had visited Kunduz after the fateful airstrike against two hijacked kerosene transporters […]

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